Inn at Longshore Connecticut Wedding

Loudbyte is top notch. Steve and Ton-Essa were the cinematographers for my brother and sister in law a few years ago. After seeing their production first-hand as a groomsman, it was a no-brainer for me to ask them to work my wedding. They make movies, not tacky, lame wedding videos. You should really check out their work. They capture the small details, and edit film seamlessly from one scene to the next. My brothers wedding was in Chicago, but I got married in Connecticut and it was not an issue for them to travel. We had two Facetime chats beforehand, and gave them an idea of what we wanted and they ran with it. They arrived the day before the wedding and got some great shots of the long island sound where the wedding venue was, and were able to really capture the scene. They take their work very seriously, which is what I imagine you would want from someone you’re paying for. Their price was very reasonable, especially given they traveled halfway across the country for us. They are very creative and did not need much of a prompt from us. Also, they were not intrusive, and allowed us to enjoy the wedding while giving them the shots they need. Their drone shots were spectacular, and some of the stills they took are pretty awesome. Steve and Ton-Essa are very friendly. I highly recommend you choose them, you’ll have a mini movie of your wedding day, and won’t regret it at all.
Nina & Brian


Shot at the Inn at Longshore in Westport, Connecticut.

Soundtrack licensed under creative commons:
David Mumford – SUMMER GIRLS

The Inn at Longshore





#BTS from our amazing Connecticut Trip