Crimson Lounge Music Video Love Story

Steve and Samira are not musicians and have no performance background. When they asked us to create a love story, we approached them with the ‘idea’ of a music video. After a few conversations, they decided to go for it. We chose music and then re-mixed and re-sampled it to suit their personalities and their story. For Steve + Samira, learning the music was challenging. On top of that, having us direct them to ‘perform’ took some time, willingness and courage.

It was so rewarding to see them really get into their roles. We couldn’t be more proud of them both! They embraced the challenge and really put their hearts into it. What a great way to start their marriage by accomplishing something new and frightening TOGETHER. We Heart you both for having faith in Loudbyte, taking the journey with us and having a real genuine experience.

Special Thanks to

Crimson Lounge
O’Malley’s Wrigleyville
All of Samira + Steve’s friends for coming out and lending their dance skills.

Shot with 5d markII’s. We created the flares using our Kowa¬†anamorphic¬†lens.