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Ton-Essa & Steve met @ theatre school in NYC.  After having sushi in Bryant Park , cigars in Soho and holding hands in little Italy, they were inseparable.  Together, they have produced plays, written & directed short films, zig-zagged the globe via planes, trains, bicycles and foot; always with camera in hand and a playful curiosity for new experiences.

Steve Gribben

Award-Winning Filmmaker, Photographer, Lover of Latte's, Gypsy Jazz Guitarist and Globe Traveller.


    Ton-Essa La’Rocque

    Award-Winning Filmmaker, Photographer, Video-Game Fanatic, Classical Pianist who Loves Having New Experiences

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      When looking for my wedding videographer, I went to Loudbyte's website and started watching all their films. I was captivated by each and every one. I didn't even know these people and I would get teary eyed after watching. The way that Loudbyte captures the wedding day, I just knew I had to work with them for mine. And that was one of the easiest and best decisions I made for my wedding. Besides being uber talented, Steve and Tones are the nicest people to work with. My fiancé and I met with them a few weeks beforehand to go over the timeline of the day, and one of the things they recommended to me was to write letters. So as most brides know, their is a lot to finish before the wedding and I completely ran out of time to write my cards until literally the night before the wedding at 1 in the morning. But, I am so glad I did because the way they captured the moment of my parents, sister, and husband, are special moments that I now while have forever. Steve and Tonessa showed up early, with smiles on and ready to go. I had so much fun filming with them while I was getting ready. Then throughout the day, they kept checking in to make sure the microphone was comfortable while at the same time, really caring about making sure they were capturing each moment perfectly. Their attention to detail and how much they really care about their work makes them so successful. They even stayed a little longer to capture some extra family dancing. When they told me my film was ready, I couldn't believe how fast they got it done. I for sure thought it would take a month or two longer. I was driving when it was released and had to pull over to watch it. And good thing I did, because I cried, I laughed, and I smiled...I was so happy all over again! They captured the day EVEN BETTER than I remember it! Our wedding filmed turned out even better than anything I imagined. I really feel they captured me and my husband and our families perfectly. I think I have personally watched it like 30 times. In addition, so many people called me to tell me they saw our wedding film and couldn't stop watching it ether. The rave reviews have been non stop. Our film is something I will truly cherish and treasure forever. Thank you again Loudbyte for your amazing artistic talent. You guys are the best!
      Darci DiBuono

      Check out or latest projects, travel, tasty food, inspiration and laughs.....La Dolce Vita!

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        Creating a Honey & Bride signature film requires the finest equipment, creative talent and time. We buy the best equipment because reliability and excellence are worth our investment.  Your investment in Honey & Bride means peace of mind.  After all, your wedding day is just too important to risk on discounts and imitation.

      We value your memories, and we hope you do too.

      Did you know a wedding film
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