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Ton-Essa & Steve met @ theatre school in NYC.  After having sushi in Bryant Park , cigars in Soho and holding hands in little Italy, they were inseparable.  Together, they have produced plays, written & directed short films, zig-zagged the globe via planes, trains, bicycles and foot; always with camera in hand and a playful curiosity for new experiences.

Steve Gribben

Award-Winning Filmmaker, Photographer, Lover of Latte's, Gypsy Jazz Guitarist and Globe Traveller.


    Ton-Essa La’Rocque

    Award-Winning Filmmaker, Photographer, Video-Game Fanatic, Classical Pianist who Loves Having New Experiences


      Loudbyte is an International Award-Winning Production Studio

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      We really enjoyed working with Steve & Ton-Essa. Deciding to make a wedding film with Loudbyte, as opposed a traditional videographer, was truly a unique and memorable experience. From the beginning Loudbyte was very prompt and professional. I really appreciate their passion and enthusiasm. Our conversations and meetings got us really excited about filming our wedding day. We had a few hiccups planning our schedule because of complications with our venue, but Steve and Ton-Essa were flexible and understanding. The wedding venue might have caused us a lot of stress, but it was always a relief to talk to Steve and Ton-Essa because they helped put us at ease. The day of the wedding they were on time, prepared and helped make sure we got all the shots we needed for the film according to the schedule we had discussed. They were team players had no problems coordinating with our DJ and photographer. To sum things up, they are professional, creative, and passionate about their work. Mirini + Jason

      Just imaging how you will feel when that Loudbyte wedding film


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      Check out or latest projects, travel, tasty food, inspiration and laughs.....La Dolce Vita!

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        Creating a Loudbyte signature film requires the finest equipment, creative talent and time. We buy the best equipment because reliability and excellence are worth our investment.  Your investment in Loudbyte means peace of mind.  After all, your wedding day is just too important to risk on discounts and imitation.

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